And I’ll bet the sweeps on that!

By Dr. Andrea Buckett

Q: Is it safe to use antibacterial soap on a regular basis and what are the dangers of not washing your hands?  Charles – Memphis, Tennessee


AB:  Charles, inadequate hand hygiene contributes to multiple illnesses and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 76 million Americans contract a surface, air, food-borne illness each year. Always wash your hands with lathered soap and warm water.  Kids need clean hands, too. Teach by example – it can play a major role in protecting lives.  Using anti-bacterial soap is not recommended as you have good bacteria on your skin that helps protect you.  These anti-bacterial soaps do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria.  I personally carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at all times.  Remember, hands to mouth: we are what we ate.



Q:  I often indulge in fruity summer cocktails. Can you recommend anything to help with the occasional hangover I experience?  Marie-Annette – Montréal, Québec


AB:  While reducing the amount you drink at the party is not always at the top of your list  – it’s a good place to start.  As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  A hangover has no cure – but here are a few tips to help your liver deal with the overload.  Drink some Panax Ginseng  – it significantly increases the clearance of alcohol through the liver.  Take a B complex before hitting the hay – they are used up en masse during the body’s detoxification of alcohol.  Replenishing them goes a long way to speeding up recovery.


Q:  Is it true that apple cider vinegar is healthy to take every day?  What can it do to optimize my wellness?  Johns – Montego Bay, Jamaica


A.B:  Apple Cider Vinegar in its organic form has many claims to fame.    You can use it in salad dressings or simply consume 1-2 tsp up to three times a day.  Internally it helps remove body toxins – helps support a healthy immune system – helps control body weight – improves digestion – soothes tight and aching joints and sore muscles.  Externally it can be diluted in water to use as a hair rinse for dry scalp.



Q: Is there an Herbal Tea I can drink to help with the birth of my first child?  Carmella – Santiago, Chile


A:  In fact there is!  Raspberry Leaf Tea is an excellent tea to drink after the first trimester – it helps to prepare the uterus for the intense work it will be doing during labor.  Drink 3 cups a day for maximum benefits.


Andrea Buckett, Dr. of Homeopathy, lecturer, writer, renowned food expert – is passionate about helping people feel young. She is a graduate of The Homeopathic College of Canada and her successes to date have become a sole focus on the body’s benefits and pleasures of great food.

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