Change A Face

By Kelechi Eleanya

Architects and great builders talk of giving face-lifts.  They act to reshape, redefine and redesign structures so they may come out brighter, more attractive, pleasant and welcoming.


In order to match present demands, tastes and environmental demands – this work comes along with tremendous cost which in most instances far outweighs the initial construction costs.


Highways, airports, edifice managers, service providers, automobile companies and many more have consistent plans to add something new to a face-lift.  Then, new opportunities, new partnerships, added value and assurance become benefits realized.


All of this is really a determined result of a thought and a resolution to change and to raise a standard – to finally ‘resolve’.


Life always presents an open sheet.  What we do or not do is recorded.  Several speak of global challenges and their desire to spur a change but they do nothing about it.  No input – no change.


Never forget that how little our action – it can create a degree of impact. This action can grow to unlimited dimensions.


Many faces deserve continuous face-lifts.  Let’s work to change a face for children with little or no opportunities.  They deserve our attention. They deserve a good life.


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