Introducing Arturo Stable

By Guest Contributor

Danilo Navas


Arturo Stable belongs to a generation of Cuban musicians living abroad. Formally educated in Cuba, he had the opportunity to travel and further his education outside of the island. In 1993, Arturo moved to Mexico, where he studied and worked at the University of Puebla. In 2001, he received a scholarship to study at the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, where he earned a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production.


It was in 2003 that Arturo released his first CD entitled ‘3rd Step’. Four years later, he released ‘Notes on Canvas’, a superb project exploring the magical combination of visual arts, paintings and music. Arturo refers to this recording as “Jazz Portraits of my Favorite Paintings.” It was a pleasure to meet him in Toronto, during the 35th Conference of the International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE). He came as a clinician, and also as a performer. Accompanied by a local band led by pianist David Virelles, Arturo performed at one of the best hangouts for Latin Jazz and World Music, LULA Lounge. One of the great Ladies of Jazz, Jane Bunnett, participated as a special guest, and the big surprise of the night was to have legendary Bobby Carcassés in the house. Bobby is a father figure for Cuban musicians, a pioneer and an innovator in the Afro-Cuban Jazz genre. He made a drawing of Jane Bunnett on a canvas while Arturo, Jane, David and the rest of the band, performed the song ‘The Magical Window’, one of the tracks on ‘Notes on Canvas’.


About ‘Notes on Canvas’, Arturo says “the whole concept behind the music is an idea that has been with me for many years. I love Fine Arts and I always wanted to do some work combining different art disciplines such as music, poetry and painting. There are 17 musicians in Notes on Canvas. They are all amazing and they played the music with a lot of passion and commitment. I decided to use that many musicians because this album is very much a compositional work, and I wanted to support the fact that each composition is different from each other because, of course, all the paintings are different. I have the privilege to have in the album musicians such as Paquito D’Rivera, David Sanchez, Victor Mendoza, Esperanza Spalding.


The songs on the album have the same name as the paintings, such as La Jungla (by Wilfredo Lam), Gioconda (by Leonardo da Vinci), Clock Explosion (by Salvador Dali).



Danilo Navas is a Master of the history and diversity of World Music.  The collecting and  writing about its richness is for him, an all encompassing passion. 

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