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Tabatha Gostrin




A family feud dating back to the 16th century ignites the mystery. The stories unfold in a mask of intrigue gauzier than the bride’s veil as suspicion can come raining down faster than wedding rice.


The answers to this consanguine riddle are as circuitous as Donald Trump’s pre-nuptials. Prepare for a ride as crazy and unpredictable as marriage itself!



Sir Paul McCartney has been labeled idiotic by property tycoon Donald Trump for not writing up a prenuptial agreement before marrying Heather Mills.


Twice-divorced Trump, who married for the third time to model Melania Knauss in January, 2005, has criticized McCartney for allowing romance to cloud his judgment, insisting business should always come before love. He says, “I know I sound like a broken record, but get a prenup. I don’t care how much you love your fiancée, it’s just idiotic to get married without one.


When it comes to marriage, one thing I’ve preached over and over again is that you should have a prenup.  Women and men. I know it doesn’t sound very romantic, and it’s a difficult subject to broach when you’re in love, but if you have any financial assets at all it’s critical. You never know what will happen in love and money, so you should always be sure to cover your assets.


Besides being practical, a prenup is a matter of consideration and responsibility. It’s a matter of consideration because a prenup can spare a couple some of the messier, more unpleasant aspects of divorce. It’s also a responsibility because marriage, among other things, is a legal commitment. Why ignore this basic component of an important step in your adult life? If you aren’t adult enough to be responsible, maybe you shouldn’t be getting married in the first place.”


Some would say that discussing a prenup is like preparing for failure but then I would argue why does anyone buy insurance?  You want to talk about and sign these agreements, like any other business contract, in the best of times because that’s when you and your partner will agree on something. Whether it’s a partnership for a new business venture or something smaller, like a house, having a written understanding of where each person is, what each person believes, and how things are to be resolved should it come to a mediator is crucial.


Its purpose is to supersede the state laws that apply to the dissolving of a marriage. So a valid prenuptial pact limits a judge’s ability to dictate property settlement terms should you wind up in divorce court.


The first step is to write out what you both believe in.

Step two is to lawyerize it.

Then get two matrimonial laywers.

And ensure it is signed in triplicate.

While the odds of success may be better than those of small business owners, the relationship has a lot of the earmarks of a business.  The United States is home to more divorces than any other country on the planet.  {Sri Lanka has the fewest.}


Therefore, it’s in your best interest to recognize that getting married means entering into a contract that brings certain rights and obligations along with it.


In the end, it all makes good, financial sense and has nothing at all to do with love!  But everything to do with mutual respect.

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