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By Dr. Andrea Buckett

Q:  What is Nutritional Yeast?  My vegetarian friend uses it on her popcorn; shouldn’t we stay away from yeast?  Angeli Mercasen – Copenhagen, Denmark

AB:  Yeasts are microscopic single celled fungi – they are related to the mushroom family.

Nutritional yeast is often used as a condiment or supplement.  It contains quality amounts of B vitamins – specifically, two teaspoons contain 1 microgram  {the daily dosage for most adults} of B12 – a vitamin that most vegetarians need to ensure they get.  It also contains non essential and essential amino acids which are the building blocks for proteins.  Once the yeast is harvested, it is washed and pasteurized ensuring that it does not contain candida albicans – the yeast that leads to health problems in our digestive system.  Nutritional yeast has a nutty flavor and is great on top of popcorn, in smoothies – even on top of spaghetti.

Q:  I love eating different ethnic foods – is one cuisine healthier than another?  Amir Wasel – Rabat, Morocco

AB:  Variety is the spice of life! Many cuisines have gained in popularity including –Thai, Indian, Japanese and Mediterranean.  All of these use different varieties of fresh vegetables, meats and starches.  The use of spice and fresh herbs in Thai and Indian food definitely awakens the senses and gets the blood flowing.  The Mediterranean and Japanese diets are known for the use of fresh vegetables and fish.   As always, it is when processed foods/junk food is added to these diets that we see health problems occurring.  Every cuisine has to watch its overindulgence in the wrong types of fat, carbohydrate and proteins.  However, all ethnic food can help support optimal health when eaten in moderation.  Enjoy!

Q:  I like to eat canned and frozen fruit.  Is it as healthy as fresh produce?  Karly James – Norfolk, Virgina

A.B:  Canned fruit is often cooked and stored in sugary syrups – leaving a once healthy snack full of extra sugar and lacking in nutrition.  Frozen fruit on the other hand is often flash frozen at the peak of its freshness so all the vital nutrients are retained.   In the months when you can’t get local fresh fruit, frozen is better to use. This applies to frozen vegetables as well.

Q: I know fish is healthy to eat.  I recently heard that we should stay away from certain fish because it is endangered?  eMoon Hwa Lin – Victoria, Hong Kong

A: Absolutely!  The Endangered Fish Alliance states that there are 4 main fish to pass on because they are endangered due to over fishing and pollution. These include Orange Roughy, Caviar from Wild Sturgeon, Sea Bass and Swordfish.

Andrea Buckett, Dr. of Homeopathy, lecturer, writer, renowned food expert – is passionate about helping people feel young. She is a graduate of The Homeopathic College of Canada and her successes to date have become a sole focus on the body’s benefits and pleasures of great food.

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