By Stanley J Dorst

My grandson advised me that he will not work for a big energy company because they are blocking the development of new energy sources. He stated that he and his professor heard Chevron representatives tell a group of graduating seniors at a college recruiting meeting that they were controlling development of new energy sources and assured him that they would not allow them to develop.  So come to work for Chevron!

We have a long standing serious problem in our colleges where the professors advise our young people about how the country is savaged by the conspiracies of business corporations. Generally these professors have never run a large business, much less held a responsible position in one, since they are committed to academia.

Generally, professors transmit fact and understanding of subjects learned by the study of books. Simple enough for math and English. In fact most science would be thoroughly understood by a professor through reading and experiment. But what do they really know about business and the economy through reading books and newspapers?

A recent study has been published which explains which students become educators.  The main choices for a graduating college senior is to stay within the ordered realm of academia with its eventual guaranteed salary and pension or look for employment in the free enterprise jungle.  By choosing to stay and study, two things result:

1.}  The college professor never experiences the free enterprise system nor has the opportunity to find out the difference between success and failure within it; and

2.}  They cannot perceive through experience how it searches out opportunities that bring prosperity to the people.

For years, professors taught that communism was a good idea based upon what they had read. That’s what comes from surmising about things that are not experienced. Similarly, reading about companies and the economy in the newspaper, gives about as much understanding as how reading about crime in the newspapers explains the life of the average American.

I know that Chevron has been attempting for decades to develop alternative energy sources and have bought small companies to integrate their knowledge into developing technologies.  More progress has not developed for economic reasons, not to suppress the development of alternative energy, Why would a Professor assume evil motivation for such research?

So do you think that the Chevron representative really said what my son and his professor say they heard?

Stanley J. Dorst is a retired officer of Chevron Land Development Co. and CEO of Grosvenor Development Co.  He’s been advisor to European governments and private companies as Vice-President of The International Urban Development Association and advisor for The International Executive Service Corps on behalf of the United States State Department Agency for International Development.

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