Odds And Ends

By David Wesonga

When you are down, the universe works to keep you down.

When you are up, the universe works to keep you up.

Africa is a sleeping giant awaiting awakening. I have often mulled over the idea of waking up the sleeping giant. I can almost bet the West and oriental East is afraid of awakening a sleeping dog. In the local wisdom, it goes that waking up he that sleepeth, will ultimately lead to your slumber, a lesson the East and the West seem stuck on.

Labeled the Dark Continent, don’t we just find it strange that a continent can power the energy needs of industrial China, an emerging Japan, and still drive a larger than life America? But why does it never awaken?

That is not the path behind this rhetoric. Kenya is a country still recovering from the after effects of an ill-fated general election that saw more than 10,000 people lose lives, over 200,000 become displaced and an angry nation kill its own past, in the name of searching for the elusive democracy.  And as a seemingly new dawn is celebrated in Kenya, the West and the East watches on, as yet another formidable democracy in Africa, Zimbabwe, drains itself further on, in the name of sovereignty!

This reflects a clear case of allowing someone else to be your priority while allowing self to be their option. In the event of an urge to move forward, an idea whose time has come, we have to first prove acceptable to ourselves before we start whining about being acceptable to others.

In self belief, exercising control over oneself ranks higher on the premise if, tomorrow will come. But the flow of predestination might conjure infinitives; kill dreams and ambitions and the ganging up of forces a horror to momentum, but to which side?

African examples seem to extend beyond those realms, case examples being African politics and, of course. the nature of sovereignty. Kenya’s most definitive export, probably ranking higher than the long distance athletes, is America’s presidential candidate Barack Obama. With such a definitive example, vying to lead the world’s frontal power, we would be left wondering why this cannot be replicated back home.

Obama when chanced to define his parentage, is a heritage he never wants to let go, but one will ask, with such a dedication, what happens to the extremes of going against our very own, for ill motives sake?

We keep ourselves down, wherever we are, and the world works to that effect, built in our mentality that we can do everything wrong and it ends up that way. The spirit should be, keep ourselves up and, by all means, the world will gang up, to our advantage.

David C. Wesonga is Founder/CEO – Elite Media Partners/Eastlandah, The Media Company; Founder, Kayrox – East Africa’s first online lending bank; Founder – Afrizo, the Online TV; Executive Advisor to CEO – Plan Care Kenya; Board Director Citijournal; Silver Inductee – The International Library Of Poets and the recipient of the 2008 prestigious ADESTE GOLD MEDAL.

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