For the last ten days I have been traveling in the Black earth region of Russia on a photo shoot.  Prior to the revolution this was the bread basket of Europe due to the fabulously rich soil which is as black as a Hawaiian volcanic beach.

Although this has always been the richest region of Russia I was amazed by the magnitude of the Soviet destruction.  Literally every hilltop has a church which would rank in the top five of America’s most grandiose churches, each one, brutally vandalized with dynamite and bitter hatred.  All around this shocking destruction is an endless expanse of the richest farmland in the world.  How can it be?

I know Russian people well and I can say for sure that there is no aspect of the Russian character that is overly destructive or violent.  The answer must lie within the spirit of communism.

There are four main platforms to communism;

1. Destruction of religion.

2. Dissolution of the family.

3. Eradication of private property.

4. The leveling of society, which can only be accomplished with the destruction of national     culture.

Also an acidic hatred of nature and the environment can be added to the formal list.

Why would a political movement want to destroy the cultural and environmental pillars of not just one country but of all countries and all peoples in every corner of the globe?   Who or what are they at war with?

To inch closer to the answer of this riddle one must look at the results of this destructive dynamic when it is applied to an occupied country.  The occupied society turns grey, the architecture, people, food, culture, all goes jaundiced.  Crops stop growing, families have fewer children and art stops totally, and it is as though a vital artery of the human spirit has been cut. The destructive dynamic of communism is bewildering.   After sixteen years of living and studying in Russia, I feel I have found the answer to this riddle.

Communism is at war with Love.  The four platforms of communism attack the foundations of Love.  What is Love?  Love is God.   Atheistic communism is at war with God.

So far we have only seen soft communism.  The one hundred million murders committed in the twentieth century were but an appetizer.  Communists will only show their true face when Strobe Talbot’s dream of a global government is in place. Communists claim it will only take three generations to erase the concepts of Love and God from the soul of humanity.  To achieve this they must have total global power.  How many billions will have to die to bring their dream of a Loveless and Godless world into reality?

Craig Ricker is a prolific writer and among the world’s best photographers.  He went to Russia to develop an understanding of its world from the inside and to accurately portray their life predicament within his books.

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