DAYS – are known to be a collection of moments … seconds … minutes … several 24 hours which provides a place or opportunity for all to live, work, celebrate and enjoy. An irresistible energy for action and performance, a worthy pride in being yourself {the real YOU}. All are in a DAY.

Little wonder then. Who could be in need or want of DAY? In need of those precious moments!

A young boy was sent on a supposed holiday by his mum to stay with his aunt in a growing city – somewhere in the heart of Africa. She put him in a public vehicle and told him how to get to his aunt.  That was all. Two years later, the young boy has not gotten to his aunt’s home … he lives and feeds on the streets of the ever populous city.  He may have been termed as lost or dead by his mum after all searches were aborted {if at all there was a search}. He became a STREET KID. An unplanned distortion in his path of life, an inner torture, a growing struggle for an escape from his present ‘dark world’ ensues.

Street kids – children who live or work on the streets do not get there out of their own will. Some of these children live with their families on the streets while others live and work alone on the streets. This concept also includes child laborers, sexually-exploited children and war-affected children, forced by circumstances to live or work on the street.

An alarming number of these children have totally resorted to living and sleeping in this unforgiveable street-world – having no family connections. They sleep in open-dysfunctional drainage channels, uncompleted/abandoned buildings, under bridges and even on top of the pedestrian bridges.

The reality of this growing challenge is the fact that over one hundred million children live and work on streets of large cities around the world. About two-fifths of these children are homeless.

The race to readdress this challenge should change strategies from ‘walking’ to ‘flying’ because that way the world’s productive population will be secured. Think of this ~

Today’s youth will become the largest generation to enter adulthood. By 2025, six out of ten urban dwellers are expected to be under 18 years of age; this explains exponentially – about looming global human development gaps.

What then is a DAY?

A “Day” – is when the voices of the street children will be heard, when the night ends, when we have a world fit for these children, because a world fit for them is a world fit for everyone.  And that is the day we need.

Indeed life is all about days: when is that memorable day – for an end to the troubles – a final change of story – a lasting uplifting and reshaping of destiny for these children.

Please, let’s answer this together.  Let’s end this present Search Of ‘DAY’!

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