Mali And Friends

By Ray Scotty Morris


My name is Mali, short for Malibu.

My mom and dad saw me in the pet shop where I shared a cage with a boxer puppy who drooled and snored. It was time for me to move on, so when I spotted my future parents strolling by – I just batted my big black eyes and yawned and – bingo.  It was unconditional love at first glance.


                         Gigi {in red} and I are sharing a private moment.

I am a darling, white Shi Tzu and should be called Princess Mali because I am from Royalty.  Our breed was strictly for the Emperors of China.  Lap dogs, in those days, when no one else could own us.


I like to chase squirrels up the tree, so I use my friend Millie to rehearse with.


My mom prepares special meals for me.  One of my favorites is chicken breasts cooked to perfection, shredded with cottage cheese and rice – with water. I would prefer a good French Champagne but when I woof trying to say champagne – I just get hugs and kisses.


This is Hattie, a distant relative of mine — another shi tzu and I under a flowery tree.

My only problem is this 20 pound cat, Bentley, who’s been with my mom for 10 years and can’t stand the sight of me.  I think he thinks I’m an intruder.


                          On my walks, I always stop to smell the flowers.


We all live in a wonderful apartment surrounded by a park where, in one minute, I can be out and into the park, off the leash to run about and play with all my doggie friends whom you will see in these pictures.


                                        Playing ‘fetch the stick’ with some of my friends.

My dad is a photojournalist and everyday – my life consists of click-click-click.  He has cameras stashed all over the place and he even snaps me – when I sleep.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and if ever you come to San Francisco – drop in and see me.


Princess Mali

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