Science fascinates me, just in the same vein as love, relationships and life. Not because I have any bearing to science, but for the simple fact that life is complex, like science. But what still amazes me is the way momentum rules our every aspect of life. The thumb rule still applying, when you are down, the universe works to keep you down, when you are up, it works to keep you up.

But it’s not always a question of hidden mystics and less understood dynamics of life. What goes up doesn’t necessarily have to come down. I knew a lady, Caroline was her name. Listening to her instilled a sense of self belief in one, such that, it was a foregone conclusion: she was an asset to her country. On the conversations we had a few years back, she talked about world economies, the influence of the G.8 on African economies and the emergence of the eastern tigers. She touched on literature with the flair of a Nobel laureate and critiqued poesy with the finesse of the literati. On many of our talks, she also discussed marriage and, on the same, she said she needed a partner to bloom together with, not just emotionally but also intellectually.

 ‘I need someone who can understand why Shakespeare is not the absolute best, why Edgar Poe was horrible more often than not, and at the same time challenge me on why we need to reduce green house emissions or better still listen to Al Gore on the same.’

She was the epitome of a grand lady – at just 28.

I can’t hold back tears still writing this, knowing Caroline is discussing none of these in a refugee camp she is condemned to.

 I hung my head in shame as the G.8 talked of more sanctions on Zimbabwe, the hyper inflation hit South African country. I watched in shame as Robert Mugabe, the president, fronted his beautiful dimpled, healthy daughter and wife, and talked dictatorial. I cried, watching the Zimbabwean immigrants in South Africa die, because, the world had ganged up to keep Zimbabwe, the common man down, as the ruling elite wallow in riches. And I still cry, knowing dear Caroline, the good lady, a Zimbabwean, educated of course, lives in a refugee camp in South Africa! Unable to make use of her brilliant mind, and condemned to watch, as the world gangs up against the common man in Zim.

But there is hope in momentum. Just like a shuttle requires extra force to overcome its inertia before takeoff, so does Caroline, and the people in Zim, and anyone, to whom the law of momentum seems to hold. It is going to take more energy than what they are going through to finally overcome the inertia.

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