Letters To The Editor

By JO LEE Magazine

Morris Bloomfeld Historian
Toronto – Canada
proposes that criminality pervades
society and explains all the changes
in the economy. Being in Russia
probably inclines one in that direction
as criminality does control all events.
However, in the free world more
simplistic forces drive the economies –
most notably ignorance and laziness.
We are in our current mess because
government officials, bankers and
accountants make the same mistakes
over and over again. Anyone with a
picture of history could see that giving
credit to people who already had too
much was unwise, but the experts
tend to use a ruler when predicting the
future. There was no conspiracy of
criminals just the blind following the
stupid and lazy.
Sanderson McGreene Executive
Hugh Coppen’s ‘Adversity and Crises’,
read in your Spring publication, is a
splendid piece and rings true to me. It
is a time when confidence and direction
are tested and only a leader who knows
where the company should go will step
out and lead it through the tough times.
My company decided to abandon the
market in which I worked. I knew
that the study on which the decision
was made was based upon data during
a down cycle and did not represent
the potential for the market area. I
convinced management a new study was
required, and although they did allow
my people to do the study it showed a
profitable program based upon updated
Oliver Kenting Real Estate Development
New York – New York
I commend Mr. Friday Idogiye Amain,
of Akassa, Nigeria. His ‘conservation
and conflict in the Niger Delta’ has a
story of success to tell – and to be proud
of. Their small business projects are
beginning to lead the way to progress.
I am not sure why they blame their
difficulties on the oil companies rather
than their government and other
criminals. The oil belongs to the
country as a whole and while some of
the benefits should return to the delta
people, life is not fair. They can be
proud of their accomplishments and go
on without the benefits of the country’s
wealth of oil. Spring 2009 edition.
Olga Semenstein Curator
Berlin – Germany
‘The Ethical Will’ What a great idea.
Thank you very much Elana Zaiman.
My mother wrote a family history which
sort of discourages a follow up, but a
short composition of guides for living is
a good and simple job.
I’ve enjoyed the reading in your Spring
issue. You have an elegant magazine
with content and photography that is
Fontano Dibertolini Commercial Architect
Florence – Italy
‘This Side of Africa’, well written by
co-authors of WHEN ANGELS CRY,
describes an unbelievable practice
taking place primarily in Africa! The
mutilation of the female genitals, known
as female circumcision. FGM/C. I
wonder if this is based upon religious,
political or traditional law and is it a
concept to keep women humble? I
cannot imagine a civil democratic
government pursuing such practice.
Casey-Jan Honors Educator
Norfolk – Virginia
I’d like to refer to an article read in your
magazine’s Spring edition. ‘Is Global
Inflation Intractable?’ lacks a conclusion.
The excessive demand created in the US
by over extended credit has now created
the balancing result of reduced demand
– and thus reduced imports. The desire
to allow every American to own a home,
a new car and anything else to be bought
with a credit card has led to worldwide
tragedy. The printing of money by the
US government to rekindle the flame of
product demand will further amplify the
author’s argument.
Abelle DuMonde Notary
Montréal – Québec
Salut et merci encore. ‘Beverly Hills, A
Wealth of History & Celebrities’ is one
of the truest reflections of fantasy vs.
reality! We tend to forget the wonders
of Beverly Hills and Hollywood in these
days of International film festivals and
far away cities. So it is interesting to be
reminded of the splendor of the homes
and personalities there and to appreciate
what is attainable. How true! Spring

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