Seattle, the city that gave us the famous Space Needle and is a giant in the airplane industry, boasts a major tourist destination, Pike Place Market, which is a vibrant and busy market originally established over one hundred years ago (in 1907) by a group of onion farmers.  During the past fifty years there have been several proposals to do away with the market to make room for modern high-rise development.  These were fortunately met with protest and rejection.   The film and television industry have become fascinated with the colorful and versatile offerings of the market.  “Frasier”, “Free Willy”, “Good Morning America”, just to name a few have featured my personal favorite destination in Seattle.


Something special for the gourmet chef to take home – to anywhere in the world.


Pike Place Market occupies about nine acres near the city’s extensive waterfront.  Millions of tourists and locals annually (the daily Saturday count averages about forty thousand)  are attracted by this covered outdoor menagerie of fresh flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, baked goods, handicrafts, jams, pickles and olives and oils, and almost anything that could have been created by the local farmer in this bountiful landscape of Washington.


Fresh fruit and vegetables tempt local and tourist appetites every day of the year.


At Pike Place Fish Market, which was established in 1930, “fish throwing” has become an art form. The fish mongers, dressed in orange rubber overalls and boots, hurl the customers order across the stall.  Much to the amazement of the spectators: few are ever dropped.


Pike Place Fish Market tempts with fresh and exotic fish with a show of fish throwing to liven any visit. opposite: Fresh made pasta with home pressed olive oil anyone?


The lower floor of the two story structures houses stalls that offer everything from vintage clothing, arcade machines, dolls, leather goods, candy and nuts by the barrel and items for the home.  The original Starbucks does a brisk business daily being right across the street from the market.


If you love to eat, drink, snack, cook or just look at the beautiful bounty of fresh produce and the people that harvest and create it, Pike’s Place Market is a must in your trip to Seattle.


Never has there been more beautiful and tempting apples and oranges and berries and grapes and more. opposite: Exquisite tulips fill the entire first floor of the market. Picked the same day by the farmers who bring color and joy to all with these seasonal floral masterpieces.

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