Letters To The Editor

By JO LEE Magazine

Benoit Verlindin
Finance Executive
Brussels – Belgium

Jo Lee’s interview on ‘The Power Of Neurosurgery Captures The Genius Of Dr. James T. Rutka’ brings us a startling insight into medical research. She searches out many aspects of the work done by this marvelous man. For example, my grandson is high school athlete of the year and I intend on pointing out ‘the other side’ of pursuing professional athletics. Thanks for a great interview and I hope private research survives worldwide! Read in Winter Issue.


Evella Espria
Quito – Ecuador

‘What Do Great Leaders Do Differently’ was a very thought provoking article, in your Winter Anniversary Issue. Of course, it is difficult to teach leadership because it must have a foundation of knowledge, insight and confidence.

To be a leader you must have confidence that what you take on will succeed. A good leader never doubts he will succeed.


Henry Doran
IT Motivator
Atlanta – Georgia

I find the analogy to Russia somewhat confusing, except that we certainly are beginning to accept myths, i.e. lies, without qualms as long as they support our ideology. {Printed in JO LEE’S Winter Issue – ‘Why America Is In Trouble And How It Can Be Fixed’.}

Russia on the other hand suffers greatly from the lack of a judicial system, which at least the USA still has to control the executive and legislative branches of government. Russia will continue to be a third world country until it gets a judicial system with the power to overrule the President.


Nora Shatha
Kuwait City – Kuwait

What an excellent suggestion not only for the holidays but for any occasion. Editor At Large – Mix It Up – Winter. We have extended family dinners and we do not take enough time to be sure everyone will derive an inspiring experience from the dinner. Great ideas for all to follow-up on.


Ottaviano Bastone
Medical Doctor
Firenza – Italia

Sacred Places, as captured by the renowned Ray Scotty Morris, was portrayed as only a rare ‘eye’ could reshow to those who’ve experienced and, to those who may never travel to Israel to see. Winter Issue. Magnificently done – as in every publication!


Titus Robertus
Zurich – Switzerland

Africa In Need Of Aid Management is a truly revealing insight into the difficulties of foreign aid. The fishing pole example is great – exemplifying the need for supplying tools rather than products and then education before tools. Nicely written. Winter publication.

However, something else is missing and that is enterprise rather than a hand-out economy. Human nature seems to work against leaders encouraging enterprise as opposed to taking the most they can for themselves. In many parts of the world we see more and more of the same skimming by our politicians. With an educated democracy and a judicial system we still have trouble with what this young man wants to see in Africa.


Xana Morstein
Québec – Québec.

The recently published book on the death of King Tut enhances the historical perspective on the risks of being a king. He was too young to withstand the plots of his advisors and generals – who apparently killed him. The interest in the great economies of the past arises from our wonder at how many civilizations today have not achieved the same level of wealth. Beautifully depicted in your Anniversary, Winter Special in Rich, Famous, Young & Powerful 3300 Years Ago.

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