By Vera Resnik


Thief extraordinaire.
How did you feel when my long time love became yours?
Did you smile, rejoice, sing, dance, feel remorse?
You changed my life.

What was no longer exists.
The pillow next to mine remains fluffed, solitary.
My hand reaches out, touches the void.
My voice heard by walls.
My song, wordless, tuneless.
Tears drop, flooding the numbness of my sorrow.
Will you caress the pain?

Is war, famine, disease your creation?
You can’t erase memories.
I won’t let you pulverize my spirit.
I shall gaze upon stars, see twinkling eyes, listen to the wind,
hear whispered words, sit in the sun to feel my love’s warmth.
Moon beams will guide my way.

You hide among the shadows,
waiting patiently.
I can’t avoid you.
Thrust your arrow when peaceful slumber overtakes my soul.


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