Hong Kong, with a present population of over 7 million, has been synonymous with style, class, shopping and entrepreneurism for decades. Few cities worldwide have the allure and fascination of Hong Kong. Hotels, restaurants, department stores, designer boutiques, jewelry stores, tailors; jade, pearl and trinket markets and of course the incredible skyline of Kowloon, Hong Kong Island with Victoria Harbour, remains an unforgettable attraction.

General Manager, Ms. Rainy Chan, superbly oversees an expert staff of 900 employees to assure all comforts are up to the international guests’ standards.


The icon of the luxury hotels is the legendary Peninsula, which has been the home to the discerning traveler for over 80 years. With views of the city as well the harbor, every wish of the guest is seen to, including a car service comprised of 14 Rolls Royce Phantom limousines. The hotel provides its own helicopter for transfer from the airport for a ten minute flight to the heliport on top of its building. Taking a spin for a bird’s eye view over the 206 outlying Hong Kong islands is an experience worth a trip to Hong Kong all by itself. A Mini Cooper is available to take guests on shopping sprees through the tiny crowded streets to markets, for a paradise of shopping bargains.

The dream of a lifetime. A wedding at the Peninsula Hotel. A bride is being escorted to the signature green Rolls Royce Phantom limousine. In Chinese custom, a red umbrella is used to shield the bride from evil spirits and it symbolizes her bringing many descendants to the groom’s family.

The Star Ferry will ferry the visitor on one of the best scenic rides anywhere.
For less than $1 USD – one can cross the harbor from Kowloon to Central to explore the back streets for antiques and treasures in the area of Hollywood Road. Hundreds of shops and dealers display their objects here. Local markets with fruit and vegetables abound, as well as the street food stalls that prepare anything from fabulous fresh fruit to chicken legs to snake to deep fried bugs.


The Peninsula Pool and Spa overlooking the skyline of Hong Kong.

As one local friend said when I enquired about the culture of the city (there is an abundance of fine galleries and museums but..) “Heide, in Hong Kong, culture is shopping.”

Peninsula’s luxurious Garden Suite with a large terrace overlooking Victoria Harbour.


A typical street in Yau Ma Tei near the Jade Market.


Fishing boats of all sizes in the harbor of Cheung Chau, where much of the local fish is caught.

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