Letters To The Editor

By JO LEE Magazine

Dan Wager
Tax Specialist
Birmingham, West Midlands – UK

Excerpt from the first line of On My Terms “You asked me to leave”, is an untold story of many marriages where new accommodations evolve. A nice presentation in The Poet’s Corner by Sally Anne Reisner, Spring 2010, of what can be a peaceful coexistence free of disturbances caused by aging health problems or intimate incompatibility.


James Hennighan II
Financial Analyst
Wall Street – New York

Jo Lee’s Summer 2010 interview with Joseph Teran, A Symbol of Genius, is fascinating. I could not help but ponder “Is this guy real,” as I began reading the interview. “Probably a dreamer who writes science fiction.” Until, of course, I find he is a renowned scientist. The ADESTE Medal has established itself. For those of us who have been faced with incredibly amazing discoveries in our lifetime, Joseph’s invention is still shocking. How does Joseph get from 2+2 to simulating an operation on the human body? Congratulations Jo Lee on finding and recognizing this great research.


Lilly Gabriel
Environmental Economist
Brussels – Belgium

How to manage a four-generation workforce with panache! Very interesting thought to contemplate. The example of a parent calling to enquire about the performance of a young man who is a member of the “Y” generation is truly characteristic. What problems does this announce in terms of an employee who will scale new challenges? My grandchildren are never out of sight of their parents. I hope they will fly one of these days. The Silent Generation Meets Generation Y, Summer 2010.


Gilles Archambault
Public Relations Specialist
Montréal – Québec

Communism And Female Wealth, Summer 2010. What a new meaning to the word communism China brings to life. No story could be closer to the essence of capitalism and free enterprise than this story of the success of a Chinese woman. Communism has been defined as a government dictatorship owning the means of production; socialism as government ownership, but not a dictatorship. So what is China? I guess just a dictatorship, certainly not socialism or communism. Maybe that is the road we are on?


Lee Wang-Lei
Brokerage Executive
Hong Kong

In your Summer 2010 issue, On Africa’s Little Failings is an interesting insight into the mind of poverty. We often know of examples of the poor helping each other but it seems that the reach of compassion of the poor is short. The fact that Africans failed to help the Haitians is an interesting demonstration of a difference that “rich” countries don’t make. The poor are tribal and the rich reach further in their concern.


Bolt Erikssen
United Nations
Zurich – Switzerland

The Link Between Air Travel And Disease is a surprisingly factual article – much appreciated? Summer 2010.


Anna-Louisa Gasperelli
Genoa – Italy

Re: The Plight of The Russian Male, Summer 2010: The author of this fantasy lists his home as Moscow. While he does not claim it as an example of the extreme shortage of women he doesn’t suggest it is different. Russian women are attractive and plentiful, but in the months I was there I did not find them overwhelming. They were generally reserved and faithful to their husbands and businesses. Times have drastically changed.

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