Sophie Dvorkin
Photography by Sophie Dvorkin

Have you ever heard of a man who collects shoes? Not just shoes, but collectible shoes. Funky shoes, soccer boots, little shoes from different countries, big shoes, fat shoes, and any other kind of shoes! But remember, they do not absolutely have to be real shoes. Whoops! Too much into shoes!

Now I will tell you who this mystery guy is.

He appears to be my grandfather, Boris Dvorkin. Here’s an interesting fact! He has over three thousand shoes, but sadly he counts the paired shoes as one shoe. So in all he has: TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE DIFFERENT SHOES!

It all started when my grandfather was still young – when he was working at a computer prototype company in Lithuania that required constant traveling. Every time somebody came from a business trip, they would bring him a souvenir. One day my grandfather came home and he noticed that all of his souvenirs were shoes! This, in fact, was how he started collecting shoes.

Hmm. Where did his shoes come from? Well, guess what? His shoes are from over 30 countries! How many shoes can he collect per month? “I can get up to 20 shoes per month while hunting in thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets,” he says.

As shown in the photograph, Boris is holding his favorite shoe, a soccer boot made as a Scotch Whiskey bottle to honor the 2006 German World Soccer Championship and its Champions.

Well, I guess we are done. Have you enjoyed the shoe biography of Boris?

Sophie Dvorkin is a child author – 9 years of age. She lives in San Francisco, California with her parents and Yorkshire Terrier, Mickey.

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