The Unavoidable Nature of Man

By Stanley J Dorst

By the time this is published we will be well into a Democratic Party socialism geared to bringing health and comfort to all, especially the poor and indigent. This should create a case approaching heaven on earth since Jesus teaches the world to give up its wealth and share with the poor.

If we believe in God and follow Christ’s teachings why are some opposed to having the government own or control businesses so that they can share all with the poor?

The problem rests with empowering the government to handle business. There is a basic problem with politicians who have not run a business going beyond passing laws controlling business practices and actually running a business and deciding how the earnings should be distributed. Wealth, jobs and income all derive from businesses not from government. Thus, an intimate knowledge of, and experience in, business is necessary in creating these essentials of society. No socialist government has successfully created wealth for its people. With control of the entire economy in their hands, politicians do what they do best: use their friends to distribute jobs and wealth. Their friends do the same and a descending order of organization based on friendships of people inexperienced in the creative aspects of business is established.

Whatever may be the ideal human behavior does not work on a national government level. Every country where the government owns business has not succeeded in benefitting the poor but has beggared the entire population. The same character in human behavior that prevents a nation from being safe with a pacifist policy, prevents a nation from being prosperous with a socialist policy. Pacifism and generosity that work on an individual basis do not necessarily work as successful national policies.

Second, businesses and their owners have always given to charity. Does the government give more, or more intelligently? I wish I had statistics to present on this matter, but I don’t think so. For one thing, we know the government does not give wisely; there is always graft, favoritism and waste shown to exist.

Our non-business politicians keep passing laws to control companies that are intricate, time consuming and expensive. Money that could go to wages, investment and profit goes to support government bureaucrats. Government leaders, whose experience is primarily in law, need to pass laws that utilize the creative, competitive abilities of those who excel in creating new businesses and jobs.

The free market allows exceptional people to rise to create wealth for America; for example, Jeffrey Bezos: Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of, one of the pillars of internet e-commerce. His parents had no political connections.

So I think we could do without a socialist government. What do you think?

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