Driven By Passion

By David Wesonga

That the euphoria surrounding the U.S President Barrack Obama is far from over is neither a surprise nor an over statement.  He outmaneuvered foxes in his first 100 days, running with hares and hunting with the hounds; he has been received like royalty on his European tours and the glitzy Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi was snapped angling for photos amidst controversy over his ‘tanned’ remarks on Obama’s skin color.

‘He is credible!’ said German ex-President Richard Von Weizsacker, sentiments echoed by the English Prime Minister, saying he is a representative of change.  But wait, are we hostages of momentum?  What goes up vis-à-vis what comes down?  Could it be true that this ‘momentum’ is actually a neutral force only engrained in our sub-conscience?

The argument is great expectations make frustrated men, but what goes up, does not necessarily come down!  It took the son of a Luo intellectual from a sleepy village in rural Kenya to awaken all the Obamas now angling for international limelight and believing in momentum driven upwardly.  And there lies the neutrality!

On matters of inspiration against momentum, history is being made.  From the sulky cold village Malmo, up in Sweden, fashion euphoria is emerging and is sweeping Denmark with gusto.  Yes, Denmark.  Inspired by the ‘Obama-mentum’, a 20 year old girl, sired by a father from Kenya, who never married her mother, and against odds made it to the high society, is setting heads turning and about to do an Obama in the fashion world, and is already being tipped as the next ‘Madonna’ of modeling.

When her mother married a Swedish national, Kristina Remne was just a tender ten, living in the populous Nairobi’s Eastlands estates.  Barely able to afford a decent upkeep, those who knew her then admit she strutted the slimy roads with unrivalled finesse – lifestyle notwithstanding.

Then she joined her mother and step-father in Sweden and between shifting careers in classes and scouting for chances to catwalk, she dreamt of touting the flout on fashion covers.

But the Diaspora was just that! A Diaspora littered with disgruntled Africans striving to live the foreign dream.   Then Obama did it, and she realized she could too!  ‘I just never felt I could, then Obama and now, yes I can’, says the self confessed Rastafarian.

Talking of been there done it, there is a scale of imperious barriers a society hurdles on ‘commoners’.  From struggling for a meal to walking to school, from battling for acceptance in foreign lands to struggling to fit into a highly racial society, Kristina has her eyes on something; a momentum initially kept neutral is now on an upward spiral.  She participated in her first fashion contest in Copenhagen and on coming first, she knew she could.  An instant hit with the fashion world, Kristina is already modeling for couture, glamour houses and brands, and the next stage is no longer the small town in Sweden, but the World.

A seemingly inexplicable stance on the neutrality of Momentum, but it all seems to lie in the mind!

David C. Wesonga is Founder/CEO – Elite Media Partners/Eastlandah, The Media Company; Founder, Kayrox – East Africa’s first online lending bank; Founder – Afrizo, the Online TV; Executive Advisor to CEO – Plan Care Kenya; Board Director Citijournal; Silver Inductee – The International Library Of Poets and the recipient of the 2008 prestigious ADESTE GOLD MEDAL.

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