And the dating game continues…

OK, so I didn’t stay off the site. It seems I was compelled to keep looking.

You must remember that I am OLD and even though I don’t look too bad, I’m still old.

So why am I getting all of these messages from really “gorgeous” young guys in their 40’s and 50’s? Well, I weave a little fantasy and go back to the old guys.

One good thing about dating an oldie is that he always has a ‘handicap’ parking permit. Very nice. The funny thing? They really have to tinkle often!

Next Installment…

An actual date! I am to meet him at a restaurant near his home, a 20 mile drive. OK, I met him. Sometimes desperation takes over.

My date came with a full page of notes: yes, I was perfect for him. Aha. What about he not being perfect for me? He no longer drives at night so twice a week I would drive to his home, we’d go out and I’d spend the night! He assured me it would be ok because he can no longer have sex! Whoa – is there a need to know? I just met him 15 minutes earlier and this is our conversation? I got up and left – assuring him I would “think” about it. Yeah, right.


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