By Vera Resnik


Sharing without words, drawing together, folding into each other’s tenderness, melding spirits, soul medicine. I love you. Hugs

All alone, long day, longer night, no one to encircle, who will console? Embrace self tightly. I love you. Hugs

Illness winning battle, strength, hope diminishing, what was no longer will be, cherishing each other. I love you. Hugs

Old treasured friend, you have been away too long, missed you so, meeting again, mutual endearment. I love you. Hugs

Three year old, skinned knee, wounded self image, tears dripping, comfort, pain relief. I love you. Hugs

Farewell child of mine, off to war you go, will you return? Hold fast, don’t let go of me. I love you. Hugs.


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