Thin‘K’ers Corner

By JO LEE Magazine

Population Overload


What In The World Is Going On?


By The Year 2050 The World’s Population Will Reach 9.3 Billion At A Growth Rate Of
77 Million People Per Year.


Did You Know?


In Just 5 Years There Were 300 Million Unplanned Pregnancies Worldwide
(Not Including The 3rd World) With 700,000 Women Dying As A Result.

There’s A Huge, Unmet Need To Rectify This!
Hundreds Of Millions Of Women Globally Do Not Want To Become Pregnant.

How Can Society Help? Is There A Solution? You Decide.


The Power Of Compassion


YES! International is a trade name of *Friday’s Child International, a registered charity in Canada and the USA assisting millions of young people annually.


Visit YES! International

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