By Vera Resnik


Four weeks ago Belle moved in next door, “love at first sight”.

Belle’s jumbo, black olive eyes enchant, sparkle with mischief, coyness, exultation, dauntlessness and minuscule reserve.

Belle’s shinny flaxen hair swings like gently blown prairie grass.

Belle’s jubilant spirit, walk, determined, unhurried; her effervescence cannot be saddened.

Belle, extremely poor conservationist, but attentive, comforting listener: all confidences find sanctuary and non-judgment.

We often sit in silence, words unimportant when eyes and heart speak.

Belle’s friendliness often overbearing: she sees me arriving home and immediately saunters over following me into the house, effusively amative.
Seems like she gallops over like a wild horse chased by an entrapping lasso.

Belle, shining example of breed perfection, gentle Golden Retriever, my blue ribbon champion of unconditional love, my new neighbor.


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