Antonio Raphael Rodriguez Umanzio Aka Tony Roma

By Dr. Margaret R. O’Keeffe Umanzio

Slinky, smooth, soothing, slithery, silky, satiny kitten fur
Can you feel it, did you feel it, feel it?

Long, lanky, limp, lithely, lovely, oh so lovely kitten paws
Watch him plop, pick one up, plop one down.

Perked, pointed, prick light ears, thin skin, red veined lines
running everywhere
See the light shine through the insect wings!

Gold, bronze, green, sparkling, dead stare, headlight eye
glare, glare into my soul
Dart, dart, stare, stare.

Smiling lips curved up like the mouth of the wooden puppet,
pull whiskers and make him laugh
Mow, wow, mow, wow.

Tony Roma saucy, strutty kitty
parading up and down like a black
licorice candy stick wiggling, wiggling
Chase him, chase him
Catch him, love him before he is gone forever.


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