Holocaust Deniers

By John Paul Jarvis

I will cut directly to the chase; holocaust deniers are idiots.

Israel still has citizens with green tattoos from the death camps, difficult to refute.

Revisionists insist the holocaust didn’t happen or the numbers are not viable. The efficient SS had back-up documentation including accounting records plus scientific studies of the human experiments with film for the hundreds of camps throughout the German Reich.

Israel has declared “never again” and taken strong measures to underwrite its resolution. This part of the Israeli persona appeals to the world but there is a much more sinister aspect. It helps to soften their sometimes brutal repressions.

In 2006, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a Palestinian ally and vociferous critic of Israel, hosted a conference for deniers and revisionists, which the U.S. Foreign Service condemned as “baffling and objectionable”. The attendees included David Duke, former Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan, and for balance, a delegation of Orthodox Jews in Hasidic attire.

My unquestionable source refuting Holocaust deniers emerged from a surprise comment while pheasant hunting. Pheasant hunts, like golf, are often used for entertaining clients and guests.

These events take place on private farms with game meals served, sometimes in the field. The “guns”, as the hunters are termed, trail disciplined dogs along hedgerows, through briars and across fields. Hemingway, a fabled wing shot, wrote, “Pheasant hunting is worth whatever you have to pay to do it.”

Quality dogs are an essential for a successful event and for years I enjoyed the services of Roy Elms a senior member of my skeet club. Roy was a handsome, diminutive Brit who field trialed Springer Spaniels and brooked no nonsense. He was my hunt master constantly accompanied by a cadre of dog handlers.

On this sunny, late winter morning, Jessie, Roy’s top Springer bumped birds down range receiving a whistle reprimand, Roy turned to me apropos of nothing and said with surprising vehemence, “If anybody ever tells you the Holocaust didn’t happen, tell them to see me.” He fixed me with a steely blue eye and turned towards Jessie to re-explain the rules.

Over our hunt it emerged that Roy “didn’t shave” when he joined the King’s Service in January 1945. In the spring, he was in Germany as part of the Allied 21st Army Group in Lower Saxony moving toward Berlin. The mission was to search the hamlets and villages for retreating Germans.

At 18, Roy was in the vanguard around the village of Bergen in the Celle district and one of the first Allied soldiers to come upon the abandoned SS death camp Bergen- Belsen. Sixty thousand inmates were still incarcerated in addition to 13,000 corpses.

His life changed forever. Holocaust deniers might want to discuss their theories with Roy.



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    Always refreshing to hear a rational answer.