Letters To The Editor

By JO LEE Magazine

Birdie Castonguay
Corporate Director
Montréal – Québec

Directors Are In Demand is an excellent reminder of the problem of industry leaders demanding sheep for directors. CEOs have probably created the success of the company despite others’ advice and have supreme confidence in their plans. They have been appointed CEO because of the confidence of the company in their plans. How much can the Board question plans developed in conjunction with the CEOs officers? (Power Issue)


Bill Partner
New York – New York

To the extent that the author’s theory is correct in Pros & Ex.Cons (Power Issue), it now appears that the worm has turned and the newly elected congressmen may reverse the trend of “lying” to the extent it has been encouraged by legal ethics; i.e., the new congressmen are not predominately lawyers. A promising trend!


Patricia McLeod
LA Opera
Los Angeles – California

Heide Betz’s photos on Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen are gorgeous in color and scale and I love her article. I love it even more in print. (Power Issue 2011)


Zander Frieland
Hong Kong – China

What a fascinating magazine, JO LEE: A kaleidoscope of lifestyles and perspectives from the evil rich to the calm, and perhaps complacent, fisherman. How human nature is fashioned and molded into infinite patterns is stunningly revealed. Through reading your magazine, I gain perspective on the broad possibilities of living. Thank you.


Shuichi Tanaka
Techno Specialist
Nagoya – Japan

It is thrilling to read about one country after another conquering its problems, usually starting with hunger. All it takes is good government, because the solutions are available. So it will be a pleasure, one of these days, to visit Honduras. (Power Issue: In A World Without Hunger)


Gemma Gravois
Brussels – Belgium

Congratulations on your Power Issue and in particular, Riding The Rails In Style. We reside in Belgium and recall our rail trip through the Canadian Rockies, just as grand as described! One of the great train rides in the world. And Banff and Lake Louise make a perfect destination. Fond memories.


Hamilton Spear
Corporate CEO
Dallas – Texas

I find Gail Regan’s The Marvelous Maverick fascinating and quite insightful into the changing society of the USA. I must read Mad Men. Ms. Regan touches on the new generation that is evolving out of the freewheeling “mad men”. Having lost the anchors of a rigid economic structure, religion and society, what do we now leave to the next generation? They cannot follow and they cannot revolt; they seem to be clinging to dependency. (Power Issue, 2011)


Emmett R. Moelstrum
Search Consultant
Wellington – New Zealand

Our Emotional Footprint (Power Issue) is, yes, a double entendre. Our leaders show little civility; but then there is us. All of my personal contacts are civil. Why is it that being a leader brings out the worst in mankind? Is it a fear of being wrong and already hitting back at a perceived criticism? I discuss politics with two members of opposite parties in a very civilized way. We value each other’s thoughts and evaluate information presented in the press.

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