By Vera Resnik


Too weak to speak.  Silence.
Quietude, not shatterproof
fractured by plummeting tears, crushing grief.
Prolonged contention.
March of her attacker, fierce, unrelenting.
Shivering, questioning sigh.
Eyes open.  Lids fold, close.
Enemy within victorious, valiant life struggle ends.

Trembling fear embraced
swirled into a spiraling vortex, numbness.
denial no longer possible.
Equaling the force of the brewing snowstorm
profuse sadness descends blanketing the heat of emotion.

Storms angry, frigid temperature
sedate my chasm of sorrow.
Snowflakes, millions, conceal ground
illusion of tranquility.
Protruding from this icy blanket
with heroic strength, vigour, steadfastness  –
a handful of Snowdrops.
Their struggle, overcoming adversity,
a reminder of her tenacity, spirit.

A visual confirmation, life’s renewal
beautiful memories will replace sadness.
Joy returns.
Another season, another Snowdrop
my heart’s reminder of a friend I knew sometime ago.


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