The ADESTE Academy

By JO LEE Magazine

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The advancement of higher education for 3rd World Students.

The elimination of poverty.

The advancement of women and men.
The promotion of pluralistic values in society.

The ADESTE Academy provides university education for 3rd World students who’ve completed high school amidst great adversity. The Unsung Heroes – experiencing undreamed of possibilities.

The next 100 years – one by one – a child’s journey how she/he will live through the advancement of higher education and never really die.

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The ADESTE Gold Medal

The Will To Dream Bigger And Beyond.
Nominate Someone For JO LEE Magazine’s
Prestigious ADESTE Gold Medal

ADESTE takes as its Credo – the lessons behind Man To Universe.
ADESTE – the Latin term for Joy.

ADESTE is not about money.

ADESTE is about a Medal of Honor. About assisting Laureates in further achieving their dreams.

We ask you to nominate those who have achieved extraordinary findings or excelled beyond their limits in inspiring others to ‘touch the stars’.

The Gold Medal is awarded to the ’40 and under’ Unsung Heroes – whose achievements ‘have created’ outstanding benefits to humanity within the categories of Humanities, Social Justice, Technology, Arts, and Medicine. The Unsung Heroes – experiencing undreamed of possibilities.

Nominations must be submitted by December 31 of each year. Visit Adeste








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