By Stanley J Dorst




The usual loaded wordsand misleading information that encourage liberals and conservatives to write their Congressmen have filled the airwaves. For example, these days are filled with hectic attempts to stop legislation which would “sacrifice our health”, “cripple the Environmental Protection Agency” and “cause 160,000 deaths a year”. Such misleading information does not contribute to public understanding or good legislation.

The deaths and other ill effects of practices prevented by the EPA are not at risk, the proposed legislation primarily relates to the green house gas effects which the EPA is now planning to investigate and control.

The benefits quoted with respect to EPA rulings relate to benefits of controlling other chemicals under the 1990 regulations. Such benefits are not being attacked by Republicans.  What is being implemented are controls on emission of carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) does not cause “heart attacks” or asthma attacks”; in fact there is no proof that it will cause a great increase in the sea level.

Where is the reasoned approach? Lost in rhetoric!

 What do you think?

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