Back To New Zealand


I just love New Zealand!  The people, the scenery, the lush green gentle hills and meadows, the mountains and the magnificent sunrises and sunsets, the fishing, all a photojournalist’s gift.

It was rainy and overcast for most of the two weeks I was there and yet I caught my largest (six lb.) trout ever — so why complain?

I was fishing in the lake, waders on, water waist high, it was nine p.m., total darkness just me and nature, listening to the somber hoot of the black swans that inhabit the lake.  Then, I noticed a faint yellow glow on the horizon and as I watched, a full moon slowly rose, bathing the lake in a soft yellow glow.  No fish, but what a memory of a lifetime to capture!

In the cabin next to me was Colin Thomas, a fisherman from Skye Scotland, his 15th trip and the best fly fisherman I have ever met.  He fishes when he wants and he never gets skunked.  Last year he averaged 12 a day.  This year, six.  Again, catch and release.

The locals, too, are excellent fishermen – with almost 90 percent giving themselves a span of perhaps 15 minutes to land a trout or, to return later.

I asked Harvey Clark, another superb local fisherman, “What is it about fishing?”  He said, “When the fish first strikes, that’s when the universe stands still!  And when you are quiet, the wildlife come to you.”

So true!  This comes from a man who once caught two 10 lb. rainbows in an hour on self-made flies.  That’s fishing in New Zealand.  I can’t wait to return.


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