On Line Dating

Chapter 17


At Last – The Saga Ends


It was an interesting adventure.  I learned more than I needed, more than I wanted and hope some of it will go away.


I had zillions, well maybe only half a zillion, flirts.  If you have never been on a dating site there are different ways to communicate.  One is to send a “flirt” and hope for a message in return: the next is to send a message (just like an email); the other is to “chat”.  This is where you are both on the site at the same time and text (more or less) back and forth.


What I discovered was that those who suddenly pop up and want to “chat” are looking for “chatting sex”.  Not my style.  I always declined.


A big no-no is to give out an email address.  Once I received several messages from a man, good looking and well spoken.  He sent me his email address and dumb me sent him an email.  Next thing I knew was my computer was hacked; it was messed up pretty badly and I had a credit card that was used for a lot of money.  I learned not to do that.


But I made a mistake with a man I met online; intelligent, handsome, funny, (a little arrogant, well maybe a lot arrogant), but interesting.  I was looking forward to getting to know him so I sent him my email address!  I am certain that he thought I was a scammer and have not heard from him since.  Very disappointing.  But, there again, perhaps he is not what he claims to be.  Hmmm, interesting theory.


I plan on taking a few days in a couple of months and haunting the museums in New York City.  If any of you live in NYC, send a note through this magazine.  Who knows?  Perhaps we will meet.


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