And I’ll Bet The Sweeps On That! 

Sweet, sour, bitter and salty – the 4 flavor receptors most people are familiar with.

However, did you know that there is a 5th one?  Umami, first discovered by a Japanese scientist, who noticed the taste of Kombu (seaweed), exhibited an unusual flavor, unlike the 4 main ones.  He found that kombu contained glutamic acid,
an amino acid responsible for imparting this umami taste.  Glutamic acid has the ability to enhance the overall flavor of a dish, making it extra delicious!  In fact, scientists isolated the glutamic acid from seaweed and created what we know today as MSG (monosodium glutamate).

While I am always trying to stay away from packaged and processed foods with added MSG, here are some whole foods that naturally contain.  Mushrooms, soy sauce, tomatoes, cured meats, aged cheese, beef, seaweed, anchovies, truffles.!/insatiablefood

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