On Line Dating


Giving up on the Dating Game?


This past week has been the week of major headaches! 


It began with the date from one man whom right from the beginning I had reservations about. 


He arrived for our dinner evening – taking his time to appreciate the art works and objects that decorate my home from many parts of the world.  We leave for dinner, are seated at the restaurant: and he began his assault.  ‘He’s going to have to move, would love to invite me to his home but it is too crowded with furniture.’  When I questioned why, he said his ex-wife has her furniture stored there and, asking her to buy him out of the house – was not an option.  It appears as though his ex wife, her husband, two strangers renting rooms and my date all live there!


Pictures flashed through my mind!  He wants to move in with me and his entourage would have free rein in my home!


“NO”.  This was not going to happen.  This is a man whom I’d spent maybe 15 hours with and here he was: begging to live with me.   I was very happy to close the door.  Me on the inside and he on the out.



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