Chapter 3- And The Dating Game Continues


I met the gazillionth man on line, he sounded perfect.  However he lives out of state.  We sent emails, and more emails.  Finally, swapped telephone numbers and we talked for hours.  Daily.

After several months we set up a time and location that was mutually agreeable to meet.  I was ready to fall in love –forever.  We met and he told me I talked too much.  What’s with that!!!  And, he doesn’t like families!!!  And I have a big family he was well aware of.

I have communicated with widowers who were married for over fifty years.  Attractive, intelligent men.  One said he really enjoyed my company and we dated several times – then, he said he was happy doing whatever he wanted whenever.  He has two big dogs to keep him company.

Another widower voiced that he, too, enjoyed his freedom and  that men are on the sites for games!  What does this say about their marriages?

It is a puzzle to me.

Any suggestions as to how long it takes: to become a successful hunter…


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