And I’ll Bet The Sweeps On That! 

Spring into Greens!

If there was ever a time to start trying new green vegetable recipes, Spring is the time!   A few of my local favorites are ramps (wild leeks), asparagus and sweet peas.  The best part of enjoying these Spring favorites is that it takes very little preparation to make them delicious!

  1. Ramps can be used similar to a green onion – white part can be sautéed at the beginning of a dish and greens can be added and wilted at the end.  Try adding them to eggs, soups, stir-fry or risotto.
  2. Asparagus is perfect brushed with oil and grilled, top with lemon zest and toasted pine nuts!
  3. Green Peas – sauté some shallot and pancetta, add peas (cook until tender) and top with mint and parmesan cheese!!/insatiablefood





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