Who would think that “liberating the child’ sends any message of particular importance or need? In a world of growing insecurity and hazards, what makes a child need to be liberated?

Very well though, it is quite relevant and timely to reason in this direction. Total human development is a lifelong process that must be carefully understood. The term “liberating” could be examined in a generalized way.

We can begin to think of self-liberation, which is a process of human development where one liberates oneself from dependencies of any sort, toward freedom. In this instance it becomes revealing how this concept of self-liberation can be applied to a child’s development. We should begin to reason that as early as birth each child begins to move to obtain freedom by his or her own efforts. This means that caregivers and parents must realize that from the first breath, the process of self-liberation of a child begins; it is a vital aspect of a child’s need for security, which many parents and caregivers overlook.

We may also consider the struggle of a child during the mother’s labor as a sign of a thirst for liberation – “Let me go,” the baby seems to be asking during the push from its mother.

Parenting experts observe that parents see a newborn as a vulnerable, defenseless human being, who is very dependent on adults. However, we must note that by learning to hold heads up, to crawl, to stand – the baby liberates him/herself from his/her helplessness and weakness.  He/she self-liberates toward new spaces and new sights. Parents may put a hand on the child’s back or to support the child’s feet but who makes the movements? The baby does, all by itself. Is this not self-liberation?

What we must all understand here is there are limits we must not go beyond!  The child has a code he/she wants to demystify, a message he/she wants to pass across to the world, a change he/she wants us all to see.  And this is why it is important to understand the role of self-liberation in human life starting from infancy.

A child, being once helpless, self-liberates from weakness toward independence, toward freedom. The process continues throughout childhood and beyond.

Ours is a simple responsibility!

Let’s help children to make the whole process as natural as possible.  Let’s not let our need for their security interfere with their need for further development.  Make it work now.

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