On Line Dating

Chapter 9


This journey I am on is so foreign from when I was young and starting to date.  The world has changed dramatically.  Peoples’ thought processes have changed.  I’m not certain that I have changed with the world.


I am amazed by the response that my pictures and profile receive from younger men – and very little from men in my age range.  I do get messages and flirts from some in close age to me, but they never follow through.  Are they shy?  Afraid of what?  As I have said before; just hunting?  Afraid of their own aging bodies?  Hmmm, I really don’t know.


I did meet a charming young man yesterday.  We met in a very public location, all kinds of life around us: flowers in full bloom, dogs walking their masters, the sun shining brilliantly.  He has the most incredible blue eyes.  We talked for 3 hours.  A wonderful way to spend time, learning about someone else in the perfect setting.


Let the journey continue.




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