Chapter 10


Additional analyses…


As I continue on this journey it becomes clearer that the ones who continue to look are lonely but afraid of change.  There is something soothing about being able to go online to a site and chat with whomever.  As long as that person is unknown to us we can say whatever.  Share our darkest secrets and there will be no judgment.  A flight of fancy that takes us to another planet and proves that our life is still worthwhile, and proves that we are still worthy of love.


There are many really nice men whom I have had and am having a fun flirtation with.  None of us take it seriously and I get to smile and they get to smile back.  A brightening of every day rather than the loneliness of aloneness.


Many who live alone have no one to talk to.  So this outlet is perfect for them.  You just have to be wary of the scammers and perverts.


Now, on with the dance…

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