On Line Dating

Chapter 11

I will soon have great news for you!


It has been an interesting adventure.  I’ve met authors, doctors, blue collar, laborers – every race and ethnic group:  Agnostics, church goers and everything in between.  What a wonderful education in human relations.


The young men still make an old lady’s heart beat faster just looking at them.  One man, middle aged, has the most beautiful smile, makes me smile just looking at him.


And, of course, the praise and compliments from everyone is not too hard to take –makes for a big ego!!??  Or a wow!  What am I missing?


I am surprised that the few I am certain were scammers were a very small number.  All of the ones who ask for your email in their profile I just immediately blocked.


Out of the thousands upon thousands who go on these sites, my guess would be that the percentage that ends up in marriage is too tiny to compute.


Finally, my Chapter 11 is no longer a saga.  Stay tuned…




2 Responses to “JL Exclusive — On Line Dating – Chapter 11”

  1. Lois Gordon | 08.22.12 at 3:43 PM said…

    Dear Jude, thank you for your comment, best of all congratulations to you and all that you know who have been successful at finding someone.
    As I said all of this is my opinion, nothing scientific. Perhaps it has to do with age—who knows–but I am happy for all of you.
    I wish you continued happiness and joy. And keep reading Jo Lee Magazine!!

  2. Jude Cassel Williams | 08.21.12 at 2:13 PM said…

    While I do not have any numbers for you, the number of online dating connections that result in marriage and/or significant relationships is not as miniscule as you might think. I met my husband seven years ago through match.com; my sister has found the “love of her life” six months ago through eharmony; at my urging a friend has gone online and met “a wonderful man” and at a party last week I met another married couple of sevenn years who met through match.com. So in my small circle alone, four is a significant number.
    Jude Cassel Williams