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On Line Dating-

Chapter 14

If you can believe it — I have met a man!!  He is pursuing me pretty fast and furiously.  And I must admit I am not running too hard to get away.


Everyone thinks that when you are young and deciding what your life should be: whom to marry, what career, how many children to have: is difficult.  I’m here to tell you this, too, is a ‘very’ difficult decision to make.  The decision on what the rest of my life is going to be.  I have had wonderful years.  Years that I never knew could exist — travel, meeting people from around the world, rich and poor.  So to now find someone knowing we will both need to conform to a new life style… is really scary.


As some of my children have said, “Mom, you are ‘so’ picky.  Dad is not coming back”.


It is five years this month since my husband died and we had a pretty perfect marriage.  Did we argue?  Never, we went straight to the atomic bombs and had wars!   After five years I have become used to doing what I want, when I want.  That certainly does not lesson the loneliness, but it does create another level of getting used to being with someone else. 


We shall see.


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