Cosmic Connections – Coincidence Number Three

By Dr. Margaret R. O’Keeffe Umanzio


Cosmic Connections

One Tap At A Time


Coincidence Number Three – The Heaviest Tap Of All Tap


We flew from Taormina to Naples, rented a car and Rich drove though Naples in the rush hour to an apartment located between in Naples and Sorrento. (He also drove the Amalfi Coast to Positano, an experience similar to the INDY 500).  


On our third morning as we stood on our veranda viewing the Isle of Capri we heard from the balcony above us, “Hi, are you the couple from the States?  We are Harriet and Stu S, we are from North Carolina, can you meet us for dinner.” 


“Yes, we would love to.”


And to ourselves we said, “great we don’t know anyone from North Carolina.”


During dinner Harriet and Stu said they just completed a cruise to Tunisia and other stops in Italy with their son Ethan, his wife Michelle, baby Mia and Michelle’s’ parents.


Towards the end of the evening it came up that Rich and I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Harriet said, “Our daughter-in-law is from there.”


I asked, “what is her name?”


When she told us it turned out their daughter-in-law is the daughter of Rich’s cousin, Frank F. and his wife Janice.  Frank is Rich’s 3rd cousin, their great grandparents are brother and sister.


“I can’t believe this, I have never experienced anything like this, I need to email Janice and tell her about this,” said Harriet.


The next morning Harriet knocked on our door and said,  “you will not believe this. Janice replied and said before she received my email she was watching a program about Paris and flashed back to a memory in 1975.  She recalled Peggy telling her that she and Rich were going to Paris to visit Rich’s brother who lived there.  I have not seen nor thought of Peggy since that day,”


Janice and I worked together for one year in Cambridge. 


The next day Rich and I drove to Tufo in Benevento, another ancestral site.  As we walked the town plastered on the stonewalls are Death Notices.  One after another we read the surnames of Rich’ relatives all living in Cambridge including the surname of Frank F, the father of Michelle, the daughter-in-law of Harriet and Stu.


As a child I sprinkled baby powder over a spider’s web.  I wanted to see it fully.  On our trip we traveled on the land but also in an invisible but alive and pulsating web made up of relatives, ancestors and close friends from different time zones and places in our lives.   Everything seemed natural as if it always existed and always will exist.



5 Responses to “Cosmic Connections – Coincidence Number Three”

  1. Susan H | 08.21.12 at 12:29 AM said…

    I like the way these three pieces build: Cosmic Indeed!

  2. Alan Briskin | 08.20.12 at 7:13 PM said…

    I love the image of blowing baby powder on the spider’s web. What a powerful and evocative image. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Harriet | 08.20.12 at 1:03 PM said…

    Yes, that was the most amazing coincidence – and what fun we had finding out all the details. Not to mention your being able to see Janice and Frank F. in Cape Cod! We will never forget our meeting, and hope we meet again.

  4. Susan Maguire | 08.20.12 at 12:20 PM said…


  5. Joachim | 08.20.12 at 10:12 AM said…

    So wonderful, I was transcended, I was with you each step of your journey, wow, what an experience. Joachim