As I said, I met a man.  After much thought and many discussions I made my decision.  I sat in the living room of his home and knew that there was NO way I could live with him.  For a number of reasons:  we are not in love (a really big thing for me, but not for him!! What’s that all about?)  His choice of furnishings is far removed from mine and he has the yippiest little dog – never stops barking and always wants on someone’s lap.  So I knew he is not the one for me.


He is a widower and his life at the present is like a huge puzzle with the center piece missing.  The woman – he wants is a woman to fill that spot and have his life continue as it has always been: The same furnishings, linens, beds, no changing anything except the woman.


I am a very independent, strong woman and can never step into someone else’s personality and life.  I know who I am.  And thank goodness I recognized it.  When I told him — “no deal”, he was stunned and I am sorry that I disappointed him or hurt him, but better now than later.


My advice to anyone in this same situation is: know yourself and don’t let anyone tell you what you should do.


So for me — back to the dating game and flirting with all of those gorgeous young guys!!  Not a bad deal.

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