It Was 1987

By Ray Scotty Morris

Photos by Ray Scotty Morris


Long ago, back in the celebratory days of Christmas in 1987, Jo Lee would call, “Scotty, Scotty!  We’re having another Christmas To Remember.  Oh please!  Will you shoot it for me?”  One never says no to Jo Lee.  And the best part?  From the onset, we became tremendous friends.

Jo Lee’s A Christmas To Remember galas were to bring the less fortunate and specially challenged children together from various parts of Northern California.  Her psychology was two-fold.  The less fortunate would see how far less fortunate they were by coming to know how specially challenged the severely wheelchair-bound youngsters were.  And for the specially challenged: they were overjoyed with their newfound friends, loving them because of who they were!

You cannot imagine Jo Lee’s productions.

1000+ youths who could only dream of such excitement were invited to the best the worlds of Hollywood’s Disney and George Lucas had to offer, all facilitated by wonderful people who believed in whatever crazy ideas Jo Lee designed in her dreams.  And it didn’t stop there!

Jo Lee got her great friend Mel Weiss, creator of America’s famous Mel’s Drive-In

{Remember the classic George Lucas film, American Graffiti, released in 1973?  This was Mel.} to call his poker-buddy, Richard Swigg, Founder/Chairman, Fairmont Hotels, and ask him to give Jo Lee his Fairmont Ballroom and carte blanche for the venue to pursue her dream.  Richard did, and his generosity helped produce the most phenomenal celebration/s the world could image – Jo Lee’s A Christmas To Remember.

Let us not forget, these were not fundraisers to pay for staff and party.  No, no.

Jo Lee raises monies strictly for the cause and today 100 percent of revenue generated from JO LEE Magazine advertisements is flipped into its ADESTE Academy for the advancement of higher education for African students who can only dream of possibilities.

I present to you now, a very small portion of my photomontage of 25 years ago.


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