Leadership is both a challenge and an opportunity for the world today.  As the world’s population continues to increase annually, we realize that leadership is a strategic resource that is currently in short supply.  One could suggest that leadership is a choice we make; however, we must realize that great leaders are made not born.

Child leadership offers a strategic entry point to a lasting and more rewarding leadership development focus in a sustained manner.  Leadership traits are found in every child born into the world, but there is a need to sharpen these traits at home and school at every given opportunity.  Several identifiable traits present opportunities to develop leadership in a child early enough and change our society for good in the long run.  These include the desire to be challenged, the ability to solve problems creatively, the ability to reason critically, the ability to see new relationships, the facility of verbal expression, flexibility in thought and action, and the ability to tolerate ambiguity.

The journey to be a great leader must begin at an early age, as such qualities, once developed, cannot be removed from the child when he/she is older.  The responsibility lies in this generation to groom in the child key qualities of good leadership.

  1. Integrity:  We must do the very best we can to promote the right values and truth in our kids
  2. Courage:  Develop a courageous heart in our children
  3. Confidence:  Let them know they can do it
  4. Diligence:  Hard work is a hallmark of great leaders
  5. Creativity and independent thinking:  His/her ideas should be put to the test of time
  6. Responsibility:  Taking responsibility for actions is vital
  7. Planning:  Drawing a course for actions daily
  8. Self belief:  Never allow children to be insecure or doubt themselves

All these qualities can be imbued in children if we determine to set good examples; do it in front of them because they learn faster by watching and observing.  We need also to develop their communication skills; they must learn to accept others the way they are, to develop a team spirit and an ability to read.  We must help children develop vision and strategic planning plus the ability to concentrate and focus on goals.

Applying these goals should be a focus of government and society in rebuilding and re-ordering the broken legacies of leadership in our world.

Give children this opportunity to be leaders for all time:  The Time is Now!

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