By Craig Ricker






For single men, the best-kept secrets on earth are the all-inclusive beach resorts in Turkey and Egypt.  What makes them special is that single women outnumber single men by at least 50-to-one.After a close examination of my green face at the end of a long, dark Russian winter, it was clear that some fun in the sun was in order.  For $625 I got a one-week trip to Hurghada, Egypt in a plus four-star hotel including airfare, drinks, and meals right on the beach.Quickly, I found myself spending all my time with a lovely Sophisto type girl from the north of Russia who is the spitting image of a 24-year-old Sharon Stone.  This young lady, Kcenia, informed me that her mother has been living in Hurghada for five years.  I found this a bit shocking because the local Arab men are extremely aggressive and rude towards white women.My clever young companion assured me that her mother is happy and living it up in sunny Egypt.  Kcenia offered to introduce me.  We ran the gauntlet of groping Arabs for 10 blocks and met up with Kcenia’s mother, Eenna.  She was walking alone and the Arabs did not harass her much.  She was about 45, tall, and heavy-set with long black hair worn in a hippie style.  She looked much more vibrant than most Russian women her age.Eenna informed me that Hurghada has a population of 80,000, of which 15,000 are Russians.  Of that 15,000, 85 percent are middle-aged Russian women.  I asked why a woman would want to live in such a dirty and slightly scary city?She said that in Russia she has no chance of finding a good man.  Most men her age are crushed by tobacco and alcohol, and the ones that are not, already have several families and girlfriends.  She explained that most of the Russian women in Hurghada have Arab boyfriends.  Again I was puzzled.  She said nobody she knows has any contact with Arab culture, they only associate with elite, educated Arab men and she assured me that they are civilized and charming.  I could see in her face that she felt she had overcome a life problem and had extended her youth by 20 years.She sold her flat in Russia for $75,000 and bought a better, new one in Egypt for $10,000.  She had “downshifted”, as had all the other Russian ladies there, and they are bathing in a sea of men who dream only of finding a Russian woman.I could not find a chink in her logic. 


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