Savitri Jindal
Non-Executive Chairperson, Jindal Steel & Power Limited

Born to a conservative family in Tinsukia, Assam in 1950, Savitri Jindal grew up living the lifestyle of a traditional Indian woman.  In 1970 she married O.P. Jindal, who had founded the Jindal Group, a steel and power conglomerate.  She had nine children, and was satisfied staying home and taking care of her family.  When O.P Jindal died in a helicopter accident in 2005, Ms. Jindal became the owner of a large portion of his assets, and she was thrust into a lifestyle she never expected to have.  She is the richest woman in India, and has the distinction of having more children than any other billionaire mother.

Until 2010, she served as Minister of Power in the government of Haryana.  Preferring to stay away from the daily business life, she spends three days a week in Hisar, where she is a member of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha, the Legislative Assembly.

Ms. Jindal likes to remain in contact with the people in her constituency, stating “We have a tradition that whenever we set up a factory, we also set up a school and a hospital.”  Her husband believed that his factory workers were to be treated as extended family, and Ms. Jindal says she is following his path.  In 1984, the family established the Vidya Devi Jindal School, a residential school for girls in Hisar.

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  1. Salma bala | 08.19.13 at 10:32 AM said…

    Dear Savitri,
    By chance Reading about you I was very happy and surprised that you have carried out the essence of your late husband.s philosophy In your new responsibilities. Very few could do that, only a woman with substance and strength could! I admire you for it.
    A little about myself. I am from hyderabad ,a lawyer.and being a social activist very much into social justice and humanitarian works. I was away for over 30 years in Bahrain where I could really help ,guide and bring relief to hundreds of thousands of expatl workers from not only the subcontinent but all over Asia., to get a glimpse please go to google and type salma Bala.
    Returning got involved in Sweekaar NGO institute. Where I was helping out earlier. You have to read about it. It is dedicated to the handicapped and the mentally retarded. It was started by a young Dr. Rao 38 years back in his garage with 7 children and two teachers now it has grown into a monothetic Institute, a Temple of Hope spanning over 4 districts of Andhra Pradash including teaching from Diploma to Phd in Sweekaar Academy for Rehabilitation Science.
    Being a woman of inner strength and character you will really appreciate what Dr, Hanmantha Rao has achieved single handedly. His motto which I believe “Two Hands That Serve are Holier Than Two Lips That Pray,” indirectly your late husband had the same policy.
    I wish you good health , happy countenance and a very fruitful life to do the best in helping others.
    A big God Bless.
    Salma Bala