Q:  I have recently been diagnosed with full-blown diabetes.  As I appear to live on airplanes, what foods can I pop into my briefcase to eat, when necessary, en route?  Jo Lee – JO LEE Magazine

AB:  Jo Lee, you and I have had several talks on the Big D and as we know, being well prepared is the first step in balancing your blood sugar levels.  Eating on the run can really be difficult.  Always try to have some complex carbohydrates, protein and fat on hand.  One of the best and easiest to carry with you is nuts!  Other good choices include mixed fresh fruit/veggies or cheese cubes, hard-boiled eggs or tiny strips of chicken – each zipped into a freezer bag.  Jo Lee, always ensure you eat enough to keep your blood sugar levels from dropping.  Please listen to me!


Q:  How often should I replace my dried herbs and spices?  Finlay – Cumbernauld, Scotland


AB:  I am a great proponent of using herbs and spices to add both flavor and a good dose of antioxidants to food, Finlay.  My best advice for dried herbs and spices is to buy them in small quantities and buy organic.  If you buy them in bulk, you can buy as little as you want, then store them in an air tight container at home.  While herbs and spices do not go bad per se, they do lose both their nutritional impact and most importantly their flavor!



Q:  I am worried that my daughter isn’t getting enough vegetables in her diet.  Should I hide them in her food?  Ginevra – Trieste, Italy

AB:  Ginevra, while many crafty parents swear by this method, my answer is twofold.  Grating copious amounts of vegetables to be mixed into various disguises such as breads and sauces may ensure your child gets plenty of roughage.  However, this method never allows the child’s palate to enjoy the vegetable on their own.  So while hiding some veggies can help bump up their intake, always strive to serve a few different veggie choices each day, allowing your children to develop a palate to enjoy them in their true form.


Q:  I’ve noticed lately that I have trouble falling asleep.  Is there an herb you can recommend that will help?  Ben K. – Toronto, Canada

AB:  Herbs are a great place to start to help you fall asleep, Ben.  I recommend herbs like chamomile, hops, passion flower and catnip.  While you can purchase these herbs in pill or liquid form, my first suggestion would be to try a tea.  There are many sleepy time teas on the market that contain calming herbs.  Be sure to set a nighttime routine, allowing your body a chance to wind down.  Enjoy your tea and ease into your sleep.

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