Alan Briskin’s HDR photography involves multiple shots at different exposures combined into one image so the viewer can see more of what's actually there.

Alan Briskin’s HDR photography involves multiple shots at different exposures combined into one image so the viewer can see more of what’s actually there.



Becoming Conscious Of Capitalism

The Death & Rebirth Of Prosperity’s Dream

Chapter Fourteen

Moving From Duality to Wisdom
Part Two: The Triadic Mind of Kabbalah
Time Range: Future Times



I find it to be one of the great of paradoxes of creative thought that only by wiping the mind clean of categories and assumptions can we think clearly and in new ways.  Yet, it makes perfect sense if it is our habitual thought that keeps us trapped.  In the physical brain, there is a very real neurocognitive architecture that keeps us confined to certain ways of thinking.  At the collective level, there are social fields that influence individual thought and action.  All the categories we have discussed directly or indirectly—privilege, poverty, protest, rebellion, anguish, revenge, reform—all have had thousands of years to imprint themselves on the human collective through repetitive patterns.  These patterns have within them predicable associations and moral judgments, good or bad, just or unjust, moral or immoral.  The mind seeks to find new solutions but often simply re-creates the old patterns in new ways.

Some today are asking if there is larger purpose behind these patterns or a meaning we should glean.  Is it all part of a greater evolutionary destiny moving us toward divinity?  Or, are these patterns the breadcrumbs leading to species annihilation?  Let us for the moment answer mu.

In the movement away from duality, what the wisdom traditions offer are enhanced cognitive and emotional tools.  Provocatively, I believe that wisdom traditions, properly understood, cast grave doubt on the propositions that answers can all be found inside ourselves and, conversely, that solely by altering social institutions can we achieve a more stable society.  We must, as Einstein prophetically proposed, find answers from a state of consciousness different from the one in which the problem was created.  Let us return to the Kabbalist structure of the triadic mind to see what elements are crucial to continually move from duality to noticing something new.

The first element, Binah, is a hungering for the logic of a given situation.  Sometimes compared to the methodical skills of the brain’s left hemisphere, the emphasis with Binah is on analytic understanding.  The analytic way of understanding is the home of the scientist but also anyone who uses logic and quantitative analysis to gather, analyze, and build hypotheses based on data and observable information.  But the true power of this mode of thinking is its capacity for coherence, the ability to show how facts hang together in regard to the questions that are being asked.  This process requires imagination but operates within strict parameters.



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Becoming Conscious of Capitalism by Alan Briskin is a serial journal of cogent reflections and irreverent insights on the social effects of capitalism and the roots of partisan politics.  Pairing prose with HDR photography and “flash points” drawn from current and historical perspectives, the author seeks to recover lost wisdom and courageous action beyond the shouting and noise of today’s headlines. 

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