The New Face Of Power: Having It All At Work

By Kathleen Mailliard Solmssen








I want to be a kid again – well, a grown-up kid.

Campus Life at Google, Facebook and Pixar.

Imagine a work place that your “child within” could love as much as Disneyland.  That is what campus life is like at the top tech companies in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley.

Today, before employees get to their desks, their needs have been taken care of by their employers.  No matter what their mode of travel, commuting is made easy.  Wifi-equipped, state of the art cozy shuttles arrive from San Francisco.  If you happen to drive a plug-in car, energy sources are available.  If you walk or bike to work, digital credits for your charities are awarded.  Once on campus, Segways and Razors are provided for quick in-house commutes.

The Bay Area is internationally known for healthy and forward-thinking chefs.  At Google, Facebook and Pixar, you can delete any notion of forgettable campus food.  In-house chefs, using only the freshest organic meats and produce from local sustainable farms, build menus that read like those of four-star restaurants.  From swim-in-place pools to pool tables, endless R&R venues are sprinkled throughout the acres of each zip code-sized company.  Stress free and creativity-supported atmospheres encourage employees to stay on board until their gold watch time. Unspoken comfort and care competition between the major tech companies is a win for employees.  Car washes, laundries, kiddie day care, spas, salons, gyms, snack bars and even chiropractors, massage therapists and doctors open for gratis business 24/7.  You won’t find a “keep your dog at home” warning on any tech site.  Employees are invited and even encouraged to bring their friendly canines to work.  It all makes sense:  healthy environments encourage winning results.

Over the past decade, project after project nurturing “the child within” has proven to be a very successful gold star on the collar, a playful way of connecting the dots in what could otherwise be a very cold and unproductive environment.  “They think of everything”, I overheard a guest saying as I was touring one of these grand facilities.  “And they never take their keep ’em happy thinking caps off”, my host replied.  Gone are the punch card in and punch card out 40-hour weeks.

Today, the employees at Google, Facebook and Pixar live a club-like lifestyle and make their big bosses proud.  Yup:  I want to be a kid again – well, a grown-up kid.

Now that’s PIZZAZZ!

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